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Preparing Your Home For Sale

At Anreps we believe there are many cost effective steps you can take to prepare your home for sale and importantly add value. Creating the right first impression is essential; as a well presented home will stand out from the competition and buyers will want to be the first to inspect your home. The other side of the coin is buyers may totally dismiss your home without even looking inside if the first impression is a bad one.

You don’t need to spend a fortune to add to your homes appeal, though you do need to try to look at your home through the eyes of a potential purchaser. Anreps have put together a simple checklist to ensure you get the most out of your property.



  • Mow the lawns and trim edges
  • Tidy up and weed garden beds
  • Add some character by planting flowering annuals
  • Sweep paths and driveway
  • Ensure there is a clear path to the front door
  • Trim any trees and shrubs covering windows
  • Put away the garden hose, tools & kids toys
  • Repair or spruce up fences & gates
  • Check your letterbox is in good condition and your street number is visible

House exterior

  • Buy a new doormat & clean front porch
  • Perhaps add a nice potted plant near the front door to create a welcoming entrance
  • Make sure the outside lighting and doorbell is working
  • Clean windows & window sills, inside and out
  • Remove cobwebs
  • Freshen exterior paintwork if needed

Outdoor Entertaining Areas

  • If you don’t have an outdoor entertaining area, add a market umbrella and a outdoor setting to create one
  • Add some new plants, water feature or lighting
  • Clean outdoor furniture or add some cushions to smarten it up
  • If you have a pool make sure it is sparkling clean in summer & winter


Home Interior


  • Consider removing any unnecessary furniture to ensure each room is easy to view and move around
  • Put away any unnecessary items, clear surfaces create an impression of space, and it will help keeping your house clean too
  • Steam clean the carpets or perhaps add a new rug to tired flooring, you can take this with you!
  • Check that all the lighting is working
  • Attend to minor repairs such as dripping taps, squeaky floorboards or doors that don’t close properly
  • Repaint or wash down walls if necessary
  • Clean mirrors, windows, exhaust fans and range hoods
  • Remove pet bowls and litter trays
  • Brighten up your home with fresh flowers
  • Try and keep rooms well-ventilated & fresh without using overpowering fragrances
  • Regular cleaning is important; you never know when someone will want to view your home


  • As the first part of your home to be seen by potential buyers, your hallway absolutely must look inviting, clean, uncluttered and tidy. Remember - first impressions count; set the tone for the rest of the house now.
  • Add a mirror to help the space appear larger


  • Keep kitchen benches clear, leaving only a couple of appliances, your kitchen will appear bigger
  • Anything displayed on the refrigerator must go
  • If your kitchen cabinets are old, consider painting them and adding new door knobs. This is a great way to give your kitchen an inexpensive facelift.


  • Clean bathrooms until they sparkle
  • Put away the toothbrush & paste, soaps & shampoos
  • Ensure all tiling & grout work is clean and in good condition and the bathroom is mould free
  • Add nice fresh matching towels


  • New crisp bedding or cushions will add to the luxurious feel
  • Make sure bedside lamps are working
  • Remove posters from the kids bedroom walls

You will notice that most of the tips given are objects or furniture that you can take with you to your new home!